Ultra Chain Lube by Tirox
Chain Lube Technology

Ultra Chain Lube

"Leading chain lubes haven't updated their formulations in over 10 years, during which time the power output of modern day motorcycles has increased 20-30%. Today's motorcycles demand tomorrow's

chain lube technology

. Tirox Ultra gets the job done!"
Tirox Ultra Chain Lube provides unmatched protection of drive chains by providing superior load-bearing, anti-wear, friction and corrosion protection. With twice as many active ingredients,
Ultra out-performs conventional chain lubes.
Superior Load-Bearing, Anti-Wear, Lower Friction, Corrosion Protection, Extended O-Ring Life, Improved Lubrication
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Tirox Ultra Chain Lube will:
  • Dramatically extend the life of the O-ring
  • Increase chain operating life
  • Stabilize chain performance
  • Improve horsepower throughput through reduced friction loss and improved lubrication (we don't like excessively tacky lubricants or overly dry ones either)
Your bike is going to love us!
Tirox Ultra Chain Lube
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